Rotary Club of Bath Pageant of Motoring 2014

After the success of the event in 2012 and 2013, Rotary Club of Bath are once again to run a Bath Pageant of Motoring on 5th and 6th July this year 2014 to raise money for local charities and in particular to provide funds for BIME to produce Wizzybugs, electric wheelchairs for the under fives. This family weekend event, which will take place on Walcot Rugby Grounds, the venue which proved so successful last year, on Lansdown Hill just opposite the Lansdown Park and Ride site, will provide a cavalcade and history of motoring, cars and motorcycles. Among the attractions, in addition to the historic vehicles, will be displays from motoring clubs, auto jumble sales, trade stands and parades and competitions. The food court selling various types of meals and snacks and drink from beer to champagne with entertainment for all ages will once again be an alternative pull for families. One attraction will be a display of over 30 “Super Cars”, such as Aston Martin, AC Cobra, Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar. Rides will be available in these in return for a donation to the charities.

The entries for this event are flooding in already (May) and include some very special entries – a De Lorean car, a Dalek, a Wooky and possibly others will add to the fun of the days, all accompanied by a fairground organ.

One very important demonstration and activity will be provided by a team from the Bath Institute of Medical Engineering with their Wizzybugs. Wizzybugs are designed for disabled children age 18 months to 5 years to use as their “first wheels”. Most children enjoy supervised early years mobility using “wheels” – playing with sit-and-ride toys, tricycles, bicycles and even battery powered cars. The Wizzybugs provide these childhood experiences for disabled children, promote learning about movement and enable such children to choose when and if to explore their environment and interact with others. This is achieved by the Wizzybug being designed for use indoors and outdoors, being easily transportable and having a simply adjusted but extremely adaptable seating.

The provision to families of these fantastic mobility aids for very young children is to be a major beneficiary of the event.

While this pageant will undoubtedly appeal to motor and motor-cycle enthusiasts of all ages it also going provide great days out, with a wide range food and drink available on site, and all for £10 a ticket or £20 for a family of two adults and children with FREE parkingSONY DSC DSC00342.  Visit for more information on how you can be involved.

Please support the Rotary Club of Bath in this exciting repeat event.

If you have an interesting vehicle or some motoring parts to sell please see the website where you can register.

One of the Exhibits

One of the Exhibits


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