Water Survival Box and the Big Give Christmas Challenge.

Big-Give-2014-Poster-copy1For the fourth year running Worldwaterworks Limited has been accepted as a participant in the 2014 Challenge. Notification came late this year and yet, thanks to a speedy response from 13 Clubs in our own District 1200 we have secured pledges for the full £7,000 we had set as our target for the first phase. In order to be able to draw down a further £7,000 from the BigGive charity we need to receive a total of £14,000 in on-line donations in the second phase. This commences at 1000 am on Thursday, 4 December. The Challenge rules restrict the amount of  donations that can be matched on each of the first three days but, providing enough donations come in during that period the full extra £7,000 can be achieved. In the past three years we Box with contents and Aquafilter 2014have received great support from Rotary Clubs across RIBI – not least because Clubs like the idea that monies they donate will trigger the pledges made before 31 October and enable them to be matched. Whilst the grand total of £28,000 is not an enormous sum it does represent some 200 WSBs – each of which can keep a family protected from water borne disease for up to a year following disaster. Clubs that wish to help us in this way should go online at 1000 am on 4 December and go to:-


If you are happy to do this please email Hugo Pike (Director of Operations –  Worldwaterworks Ltd) – hugo@white-house.org.uk – when you have successfully completed the on-line pledge so that I can connect the name of the donor to their Rotary Club. Thank You!


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    Should we be supporting this?


  2. […] World Waterworks and the work we are continuing to do with flood affected residents on the Somerset Levels were just two of the topics discussed this morning when Hugo Pike and Peter Noble were interviewed on Radio Somerset. […]


    1. Hi Penny
      Many thanks for your very prompt post. We will be launching our bid for volunteers to take up 8 slots in the Skydive 99 2015 attempt on the tandem world record shortly. One of the 281 holders of the current world record raised some £1700 net for Water-Survival Boxes last June. Anyone interested should contact me soon as our nominations need to be registered by 31 January.
      Yours in Rotary friendship
      Hugo Pike – OBE PHF – Director of Operations – Worldwaterworks Ltd


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