Langport shoppers give generously for Nepal

Rotarians from the Langport and Somerton Club collecting at Tesco Langport on Friday 1st May towards water survival boxes for Nepal

The collection raised a total of £778, contributing to a total of £1000 forwarded by the Club to water survival boxes. World Water Works ( is a Rotary charity which sends the boxes costing £150 each, containing filter equipment to provide clean drinking water along with practical tools and materials, direct to Rotary Clubs based in disaster areas for distribution.

The Rotary Club sincerely thanks Tesco for its immediate positive response to the request for a Rotary collection and its customers for their exceptional generosity. 500 water survival boxes are already in transit to the Nepal. The World Water Works charity has no paid employees and boxes are packed by volunteers.


Rotary Club President Gerard Tucker and Past District Governor Stan Jones begin the collection towards Water Survival Boxes at Tesco Langport



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  1. Many thanks Gerald and Stan and all your members. Your continuing support is much appreciated.


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