Yeo Vale launches Yum Zaa Project

From mud huts to a BSc in Accountancy? From this2

The Rotary Club of Yeo Vale Trust Fund (Registered Charity 297516) is launching an appeal to raise funds to help an impoverished, yet very determined, young Ghanaian woman to obtain a BSc in Accountancy.

For most young women female education in Ghana is, at best, rudimentary.  They seldom get the chance to improve their lives beyond the expectation of raising a family within their village.  Thus the cycle of poverty and large families continues.

Astoundingly, Yum Zaa has already completed two years of her BSc Accountancy course at the University for Development Studies, Tamale, Ghana, under her own efforts but literally has no money or support to enable her to continue and achieve graduation in 2017.

Can you help us to transform her life and her prospects?

Please click here to read her story; you will be astonished at her tenacity and the obstacles she has overcome.

Or click here to see a short video presentation



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