Solar cooking and lighting programme

Our District 1200 Foundation Officer,Mike, suggested to me that this solar cooking/lighting  programme would make a good District Project.

Solar electricity in Africa-page-001

It teaches villagers how (without bringing any money from their pockets) to raise their standard of living without using fire wood and kerosene as they are currently doing.  This project is already up and running in Ghana.

Solar electricity in Africa-page-002

If your club would like to join with Warminster to bring this about and help the 2 billion people still having to use dangerous kerosene every night then please contact:

Stephen Pearson, Warminster — 01985 213440 or .

I visit the programme in Ghana three times a year and am happy to present it to any clubs interested in joining with us. At the request of our District Governor, we will have a SunLife display table at the District Conference.  Members from interested clubs who would like to help us to man this table will be most welcome.

Yours in Rotary,

Stephen Pearson
Member of the Rotary Club of Warminster


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