Sponsor a Child – Every child free from fear.

Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club through the World Vision organisation sponsor a little girl from a community in the northern part of Malawi.

World Vision infographic_edit1

The little girl who’s name is Maria Phri is age 6, her country is landlocked and is situated in Southern Africa. It shares its border with Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania. In the mid – 1990’s the country emerged from three decades of totalitarian government, which left Malawi one of the poorest nations in Africa. Maria has the opportunity to attend a local school and her sponsorship will help her continue to receive an education. Like children everywhere, Maria loves to play when she has the chance and her favourite thing is playing ball games. The members of Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club are looking forward to watching from afar as this young girl in time grows to be an adult with an education and hopefully enjoys an active part in her community.



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