Cumbria and Lancashire Flood

Rotarians are active in flood relief efforts in D 1190 which covers both counties.

cumbrain flood 2015

The 1190 District Governor is in touch regularly with me and thanks Rotarians for their offers of help and support.

The D1200 emergency response team, are sending dehumidifiers which are needed; water survival box filters were offered but were not needed.

Many clubs have offered financial donations and two funds have been established by District 1190 one for each county. The District team in 1190 will split any donations equally unless specified differently.

If you wish to donate please do so via our D 1200 District Treasurer, Rory O’Donnell. Cheques made payable to “D1200 trust account” should be sent to his home address which Rotarians can find on the Rotary database.  Our Treasurer will send a collective cheque or electronically credit the D1190 accounts.

Separately, I’m informed that the “RIBI Donations Trust” does not currently plan an appeal but have funds to support claims for community projects.

Message from DG Bob Acland, District 1200


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