Lending a hand at the time of Crisis.

(An extract from the club magazine of the Rotary Club of Madras South, India.)

Lending a hand at the time of Crisis is the Surest way to Creating peace in the world.

The world knows what happened in Chennai towards the end of 2015. When the rain stopped pouring down, help from around the world started pouring in.14577

While the members of the district clubs folded up their dhotis and jeans and plunged into the flood waters to save lives, members of Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge who manage WorldWaterWorks, were busy packing and despatching Water Survival Boxes for us.


We distributed 170 Water survival Boxes at Sevoor Village, near Kalpakkam and130 Boxes at Indian Red Cross Society Comple, Chennai. This is a joint project with Rotary Club of Chennai Kilpauk and Redcross Society. The Water Survival Boxes were received with support and sponsorship of World Waterworks Ltd., a project of Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge, UK.

How did it happen?

Rtn. President Balachander posted a request on ROTI website for help to assist the Chennai flood-affected people. He is a member of ROTI — Fellowship of the Rotarians on the Net since 2001. Soon thereafter, he received a message from Rtn. PDG Tony Quinn, Chairman of Worldwaterworks Limited, a UK based charity, run entirely by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge, District 1200 saying, “We are willing to supply up to 300 of these as long a certain preconditions are met.” Since Rotary Club of Kilpauk too had made an appeal to them for help, the three Rotarians — Tony, Bala and Sanjay (RC Kilpauk) — decided to make it a joint project. In order to get duty exemption for the imported materials, the two Rotary clubs joined hands with the Indian Red Cross Society [IRCS] which has been allowed to bring in relief materials without paying Customs Duty. The Project was on.

The boxes were stored at IRCS warehouse till they were distributed on 21st and 24th January. This project would not have been successfully completed in time, but for the spontaneous response from Rtn. PDG Tony, Rtn. Hugo, Mr. Harish Metha, Chairman IRCS, Tamilnadu, Rtns. Asha, Mukund and many others. The Southerner acknowledges and appreciates the attitude and application of the Sanjay and Bala, the two Presidents for the success of the project. On behalf of the people of Chennai, we thank the members of Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge and the good samaritans at World Waterworks Ltd.


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