Wellington welcomes Youth Photography entries

For the past four years Wellington Rotary Club has welcomed entries from local schools for the RIBI National Youth Photographic Competition. In these four years candidates from schools in the Wellington area have been successful in producing some really lovely photographs. The competition requires candidates to prepare a portfolio of three photographs on a specified theme.
Each year, one of the themes has been a local area one, and successful candidates have more often than not seen their photographs published in the local magazine THE EDGE, and even on some occasions gracing the cover of the WELLINGTON TOWN GUIDE.
In addition to the local theme, candidates are invited also to submit another portfolio of three photographs on a theme specified by ROTARY INTERNATIONAL for BRITAIN AND IRELAND. In 2015 the theme was ‘Lighting up the Community’, and this year the theme has been ‘Our World is Beautiful’. (The 2017 theme has yet to be announced). Some schools have formed camera clubs which go out on escorted forays around the locality to find inspiration for photos.
Wellington entries have been really successful in these four years, and twice have had winners in the Junior (under 11 years) competition, and twice in the Senior ( 11-17) competition not just at local level, but also at District level. Our Rotary District comprises the whole of Somerset together with North and North East Somerset, and parts of Wiltshire and Dorset. The winning photographs in the District competition go on to take part in the national competition which is held in the summer. We await the outcome of this year’s national competition.
Entries for future competitions, preferably from a camera rather than a phone, should be sent to the Wellington Rotary Club – through next year’s Chairman of the Youth Committee, David Elkington (email: 

"The coverted prize"
"Minehead Bay by Ben Meek"
"Dillington estate by Bennie Williams"
"Wellington by Corbin Bate"

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