Rotary SuperChoir Goes International!

DSC03230Ten years ago this year, Rotarnian Cliff Evans from the Rotary Club of Devizes agreed with the Council of Elders from the village of Mwakoma in Southern Kenya that his newly formed Kileva Foundation charity would build a new school in their village. The first foundation stones were duly laid on a specially cleared piece of bush land in 2006.

Since then there have been many remarkable firsts at the resulting Kileva Eastfield School, but none have been more exciting than one recently where, as part of the school’s 10 year anniversary celebrations, it hosted the first Rotary SuperChoir event to be held in Africa, indeed anywhere outside the UK.

The following video captures that remarkable event.

When the Rotary Club of Devizes organised the first SuperChoir event for Devizes area schools last year, little did they realise that due to its great success they would not only be organising the same UK event again this year (it takes place on 6th July at Dauntsey’s School in West Lavington) but would also have organised the first event to take place in Kenya.

SuperChoir has truly gone international!


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  1. Rotary at it’s best; congratulations to Devizes and the super choir, great work.


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