Diners experience eating in the dark

Our e-Club’s first major event was a great fundraiser for Blind veterans UK!   “A bit messy and very difficult, it clearly demonstrated how difficult life must be.”

The event was organised to top up the sponsorship for Rotarian Dominic Hardy’s first London Marathon in aid of Blind Veterans UK.   Rotarian John Hardy wanted to show his appreciation for their support when he lost his eyesight, and also to create awareness of what it’s like to have a visual disability, with a simple task (or so you would think) like eating.

Diners had the opportunity of trying specialist glasses which gave people an experience of sight with different conditions.

His Grace the Duke of Somerset was there to lend his support to the occasion and met all of the guests during the course of the evening.   There were representatives from the Charity and emphasis was placed on the collaboration between voluntary, Statutory and private sectors. Organisations like Adult Social care, SSAFA, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Action Alliance in addition to a good turn out of Rotarians headed up by DG Bob Acland and DGE John Butler.

Ric Canham tries dining in the dark "A bit messy and very difficult, it clearly demonstrated how difficult life must be. This is me with half a pork wellington in my mouth (it was either that or an empty fork!) and I thought the meat was tough but close inspection shows my knife the wrong way up!

Ric Canham’s table ate the whole three courses blindfolded – great fun but quite a sobering experience. Look carefully and you will see that his knife is upside down.

The evening raised about £1000 which will be added to £1200 already raised in sponsorship by Dominic who is running a series of events to support Blind Veterans. Dominic has already completed the Brighton half Marathon and successfully completed The Virgin Money London Marathon in four hours fifty minutes despite severe cramps. He is now in training for the 100k London to Brighton run in July. If anyone would like to support him His just giving page is still open for donations, just follow this link

A special thank you to Rotarian Craig Holmes and staff at the Beambridge for their hard work to create this fantastic evening.


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