Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club

Tiberio, successfully completes his PADI Professional Diving Instructor course.

The members of Chelwood Bridge Rotary Club who helped set this young man on the road to a new and exciting career wish Tiberio every success in his new adventure and are proud to have played a part in changing this young mans life.

Tiberio a young man from Mozambique has successfully completed his PADI Professional Diving Instructor course, which consisted of an eight day programme in which his academic, and diving skills were fine tuned to prepare him for two days of rigorous examinations conducted by staff from PADI international Head Quarters in the USA. As a newly qualified PADI professional he will join the ranks of PADI Professional instructors working throughout the world teaching SCUBA diving as a recreational sport. His first goal is to work within the Mozambique recreational diving industry. Becoming an inspiration to his fellow young Mozambicans wishing to take a leadership role in the growing tourist industry of their country.

t12Tiberio wrote;

“ I wish I could trust my writing to describe how I feel now after I got the chance to learn diving.

My life has changed its direction since I became a dive instructor. I could be doing anything else now but I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now .     Working in an island surrounded by a marine park, helping my family, meeting people from the four corners of the world and teaching diving. All of these things were beyond my imagination but today they make part of my life thanks to you.

I would like to  thank from the bottom of my heart to the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge, Colleen, PADI, Ocean Revolution and Bitonga Divers  for supporting all my studies from OWD up to Dive Instructor and also for find me a job and change life.

I wish you don’t stop doing that wonderful job you’ve been doing in Mozambique. 

Many Thanks 


Tiberio C. A Aleluia


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