Rotary Club of Calne help Calne Youth Trust and Freewheelers

Fellow Rotarians, a release below about some recent cheques the Club presented.

I would recommend that your Club has a talk from Freewheelers – you will be amazed at the work they do in helping the NHS from 7pm to 7am and every weekend See more at or for those in Dorset.


At the Calne Bike Meet (started by the Rotary Club of Calne in 2000) this year, the Rotary Club Calne had 15 volunteers in the Town Hall running a Rotary Café and Helmet / Jacket drop off.

£2,100 was raised and at their meeting on Thursday, the Rotary Club of Calne presented cheques of £700 each to Calne Youth Trust and Freewheelers. The other £700 will be used by the Club to help people who need a hand

Mercy Baggs of Calne Youth Trust told the Club about the work of their drop in centre in Wood Street Calne for children aged 11-18. With a pool table, computer games, drinks and other activities, the centre gives children a safe place to go on Thursday and Friday nights. She said that if they had more volunteers, they would open on more nights.

Chris Kearns of Freewheelers outlined the vital work they do. Freewheelers Emergency Voluntary Service is a registered charity that provides a free out-of-hours motorcycle courier service to hospitals in the South West of England. From providing blood for the Air Ambulance, taking transplant samples to wherever needed, delivering emergency prescriptions and more, their 7pm to 7am service is a lifesaver.

On behalf of the Club, Alastair Muir thanked both charities for the amazing work they do for the community.

The picture shows Chris Kearns, Fundraising co-ordinator, Freewheelers, Mercy Baggs Calne Youth Trust, Brendan Hallissey, President Rotary Club of Calne, Maria Schofield from Calne Youth Trust and Matt from Freewheelers



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