Chelwood Bridge honours local volunteer


Reese  Anderson has been inducted as an Honorary Member of the Rotary Club of Chelwood Bridge. Reese contacted the Club Secretary some 2 years ago after seeing TV coverage of a Water-Survival Box packing session and volunteered to assist. He appreciated the life-saving potential of the boxes that are sent out to families that have lost everything following disasters and offered to help. The Rotary charity (Worldwaterworks Limited) relies on charitable donations to fund the boxes that each contain a water-purification kit and range of other essential survival items and in a typical year will be able to pack and send out some 1,200 boxes to four or five disasters. Since 2006 a total of 13,500 boxes have been sent to some 27 different countries in response to more than 50 disasters. Packing sessions are held roughly twice a month and involve volunteer groups from other Rotary Clubs, Inner Wheel, local schools etc supported by 5 or 6 Chelwood Bridge Rotarians. In the two years since Reese first became involved he has only missed one such packing session. His reliability and willingness to take on any task have been greatly valued by the Club. It is now our privilege to publicly thank him for his tremendous commitment and to be able to call him Rotarian Reese.


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