In a joint collaboration, the Rotary Clubs of Dorchester Casterbridge, Frome Selwood (with Frome Rotary Club and Frome Masons) and The Island and Royal Manor of Portland sponsored nine young men from The Thomas Hardye School (3), Frome College (3) and The Isle of Portland Aldridge Community Academy (IPACA) (2) to go on a Breakthrough Course organised by Jack Russell Coaching on Dartmoor from 29th to 31st March. Rotarians, Teachers and nine rather bewildered students, met the course organiser, Jack Russell, and his Programme Development Manager, Rachel Symns, at a prior Briefing Meeting at The Thomas Hardy School on 24th March. The course involved navigating over 30 miles around Dartmoor (without mobile phones!), camping and living on forces ration packs but, mainly, building their confidence and, hopefully, changing their perspective on life for the better. From the picture, it would appear that they thoroughly enjoyed their experience! No-one could say that the arrangements this year were easy but it is obvious from the smiles why the Rotarians involved are so enthusiastic about the course and its results.
Considerable thanks are due to Jack Russell and his team and the Link Teachers at the three schools.image1


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