YC (Young Chefs) at YC’s

YC’s Cafe in Brewery Square in Dorchester was the venue last night for a celebration of the Casterbridge Rotary Club’s RIBI Young Chefs (YCs at YC’s?).
The Rotarians held their weekly meeting and were joined by previous Young Chefs; Tim Williams (2013-14), Katie Platt (2015-16) who came Third Nationally, and Nik Jones (2016-17) who was a District 1200 Winner. Nik’s parents own the restaurant and he is currently undertaking an apprentice under the guidance of his father, Chef Jamie Jones. Nik (pictured below) took an active part in the kitchen and the preparation of the delicious food but did manage to join the other Young Chefs for his meal. Katie baked the wedding cake for her mother’s wedding in the Summer and is hoping to enter #GreatBritishBakeOff. Tim Williams was the inspiration for the evening when it was realised that a number of Young Chefs were in the area. In a few weeks, Tim will be going to study Biochemistry at Bath University. We wish them all well in their future careers and thank them for their skills and hard work in the competition.
Since Casterbridge Rotary first entered the #RIBIYoungChefcompetition in 2006, the club has had considerable success with, Nationally, one winner, two second places and two third places. Rotarian Diana Apps acknowledged the considerable contribution made by teacher Sally Voss of The Thomas Hardy School and chef/mentor Mark Vaughan, now of The Brace of Butchers in Poundbury, and Club President Les Fry presented Sally Voss and Mark Vaughan with engraved clocks in appreciation of their dedication and support for the competition.YC 2011-12-31 23.00.00-9


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