DG’s Blog 21 October 2019


We are hoping to start up Rotaract clubs in the District and Stuart Gilbert (stuart@platinumadvice.co.uk) would like to hear from ex Rotaractors who would like to help.

RYLA Alumni Reunion.

Plans are in progress for an RYLA Alumni Reunion to take place on 4 April next year. Jack Russell has agreed to come along and we will be writing to around a hundred past RYLA participants. John Butler is the contact for more information.

Youth Vacancies.

District needs a Youth Exchange Officer and someone to co-ordinate the Young Chef competition. If you would like to know more please contact me or Martin Carter.


Last week I visited the Rotary in Frome skittles night when the three clubs, Frome, Frome Selwood and Frome Town came together to have a fun evening at Chester House Social Club.

I also attended the special black tie event to celebrate the 74 anniversary of the Charter at Mendip.

World Polio Day 24 October.

Please send me your photos of your events. I know that Yeovil are lighting up St. John’s Church in purple to raise awareness.

Extract from Hurricane Recovery—Dorian Report #9 October 6, 2019.

Happy in a tent on Grand Bahama!

John Smarge says, ‘Rotary is not a great first responder to natural disasters. Organizations like The Red Cross, Disaster Aid and Shelter Box are better set-up for those things. With that said, because we deal Rotarian-to-Rotarian, we are the best at determining actual needs, day by day, as we talk with our local Rotarians who are part of the affected communities. Though we are certainly sending supplies, as requested, cash is always best. What Rotary does best is rebuild communities. Rotary remains after the initial disaster aid organizations have completed their efforts and after the news crews leave. We enable children to go back to school, we help with ongoing medical clinics, we provide micro loans for women to earn an income and support their families… With this, cash is also best. At that time, we will also strongly encourage personal interaction, connections and hands-on involvement.’
UK DONORS: To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian

Volunteer Expo.

The following have been announced as headline speakers, Frank Bruno MBE, actress Chizzy Akudolu, activist Simeon Moore, Steve Brown for TV’s Countryfile, Kids Against Plastic, Tufail Hussain, Director of Islamic Relief.

Best wishes

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