DG’s Blog 3 February 2020

District Young Chef.

Well done to Jane Gibbs for organising the District final of the Young Chef competition at Maiden Beech Academy, Crewkerne on Saturday. Six contestants cooked for four available places in the Regional final to be held in Waterlooville on 28 March. A big thank you to the judges, Carol Chalmers, Christopher Harrison and Kevin Smokcum. The contestants from Dorchester Casterbridge, Frome, Devizes and Yeovil will represent our District in the Regional final.

Rotary International Vice President Elect.

Congratulations to Johrita Solari who was officially announced as Rotary International Vice President Elect.


Environment – reusable cups.

One of the initiatives discussed this year was the use of reusable cups and we did encourage delegates to bring their own at the last Forum. Paula Winchcombe, President of Devizes has suggested organising the supply of these to include the Rotary Logo to be sold to members and the public at large. If you would like to be involved with this initiative, please contact her.

Update on Hurricane Dorian.

A Donor Conference in Bahamas was hosted by The Government of the Bahamas and the UNDP was a success. Some information that came from the conference is as follows:
• 1.7 million metric tons of debris need to be dealt with
• 29,472 persons were affected
• Of the $3.4 billion in damages, 87% was in Abaco and 13% in Grand Bahama and 91%
affected the private sector while 9% in the public sector
• The country lost 18% of the GDP due to Hurricane Dorian
• Still 70 confirmed dead but hundreds still missing
• Priority list of projects is drafted and should be released soon
• They have spent $4.5 million on dome houses to get residents a temporary place to
stay. Still months from being finished.
• They need $26 million for the schools
• Estimated pledges to be between $1.5 and $2.0 billion

Best wishes


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