Registered charity no. 1168765

Many Clubs have declared a desire to provide community support during the current crisis – a crisis which unlike many others, may be in an acute form for a prolonged period.

Additionally, Somerset County Council (SCC) has appealed to voluntary organisations for support in deliveries to the isolated vulnerable, phone call checks, providing information. We have also reminded the SCC that we have organisation & planning skills. We know that voluntary manpower is needed to support food bank organisation. (If schools close there will be pressure on poorer families who lose the benefit of school meals.)

Of course, some Clubs have already acted and offered support to your communities.

EVAG is now appealing to Rotary Clubs who wish to be involved in a coordinated District 1200 response to come forward and in doing so, nominate a Club response officer with whom we would communicate. (Particularly important as the crisis duration will include the period when Presidents and Officers change.)

EVAG has links within a number of networks with whom we work, train and plan. We can quickly link Clubs to the points of need.

EVAG has in place the necessary plans and templates to assist Clubs to respond. Safeguarding guidelines are particularly important – so many of us are classed as ‘vulnerable’.

This note is just an initial invitation to identify those Rotary Clubs which wish to contribute. Of course further information, communication and planning will follow.

Please send your responses to David Welch who will share them with fellow EVAG members.



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