DG’s Blog 18 May 2020

District Assembly.

Our success in attracting over 100 attendees was soon dashed when people started to let us know that they were unable to logon due to a 100 attendees limit. This despite having paid for an upgrade to a large meeting add for up to 500 people. The reason is still under investigation. However two separate people reported that they had counted 147 attendees. In the best tradition we soldiered on after restarting the meeting. Over a hundred attendees is still more that we have had for a number of years and compares to only 71 last year.

District Covid-19 Grants.

We broke new ground by using the online voting for the proposed District allocation of £10,000 from general funds to support Covid-19 club projects on a matched basis up to a total of £250 per club. This is in addition to any Foundation grants. The proposal was passed by 97 to 1. Application forms are available from District Secretary Chrissie Bailey.

Assembly slides and recordings.

New ground was also broken by recording the meeting. The recording and all the materials are available on the district website https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nA7_XIXp2TOLr-m1-ggOyTvrp95mS_1e?usp=sharing


As part of Rotary Global Rewards, Zoom offer a 20% discount on their system, exclusively for Rotarians. When ordering the licence, simply use the promotional code ZOOMROTARY to apply the discount. The discount is automatically applied to which ever plan you choose – either monthly or annual payments and applies to the first payment only – additional month or yearly payments are charged at full price. Please find tutorials and guidance on using Zoom through a series of video tutorials at Zoom.US.
There is Rotary backdrop available for use as a virtual background in Zoom meetings from


Despite the Assembly having been held, I am still in post until the 30 June and would be pleased to join your online meetings, so please send me an email if you would like me to attend.

Rotary partnership with Carers UK.

Established in 1965, Carers UK has a long heritage of making life better for carers, wherever they may be, through providing advice, information and support, pioneering innovation and the creation of a workplace best practice forum, Employers for Carers (EfC). RotaryGB&I is working on forming a partnership with Carers UK for next Rotary year

Rotary Young Citizens Award 2020.

This year the eight remarkable winners, nominated by Rotary clubs across the country, include a variety of youngsters from ones who overcame their disabilities to make a difference and inspire others, to the 16 year old who has become the heart of her community helping the homeless, and those in need, this year’s Young Citizens are truly incredible. All of this year’s winners are going to be interviewed on Afternoon Live with Simon McCoy on the BBC News Channel between 2:30 and 3pm Monday 18th and Friday 22nd May.

Together talks.

Why not invite some non-Rotarians to join these and hear about what we do? Registration is at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/d/online/rotary-together-talks/. The events are recorded so you can always catch up.


Best wishes, Dennis

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