Yeo Vale Rotary Club support Yeovil Free Wheelers Blood Bikes

Yeo Vale Rotary Club support the Yeovil Free Wheelers (YFW) Blood Bikes who provide a FREE bike service to the NHS across South Somerset and all of Dorset. The service is run by volunteers who normally do all their own fundraising to cover costs. They have been running hundreds of samples to London and now Bristol for Covid-19 testing and expect this volume to increase.

While their workload has multiplied drastically because of Covid-19, at the same time all public fundraising has had to stop. This means that YFW Blood bikes are predicting a shortfall in their funds of some £17,500 this year.

Yeo Vale RC have supported YFW for many years and have just made an initial donation of £500 with a further £250 from our trust fund to help in the last 4 weeks.

Any further funds to help will be gratefully received to pay for this continued service. It will help pay for the maintenance and running costs of the bikes.

Yeovil Free Wheelers – Volunteering to save lives

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