DG’s Blog 25 May 2020

Foundation Seminar.

David Perkins our District Foundation Team Lead presented a Foundation Seminar in two sessions last Friday and Saturday via Zoom. It was an excellent presentation explaining how the Foundation works and covering all aspects. David will be pleased to join your club or area meetings to explain our fantastic charity to your members.

David also reminded clubs to pay over their donations as soon as possible to ensure that we have funds available in 2022-23 for District Grants.

Rotary in Great Britain & Ireland Annual Business Meeting.

For the second year the Annual Business Meeting was held online and over 1,500 delegates voted. The results can be found https://www.rotarygbi.org/media/members/2020/05/BUSINESS-MEETING-RESULTS-2020.pdf

Membership – how can we tap into the vast pool of new volunteers?

By making the Rotary offering attractive for them, we can attract new members, even in these difficult times. People want to volunteer; just look at the 750,000 people who signed up to support the NHS. Of course, they volunteered to join without paying any fees. Can we tap into these volunteers by showing what Rotary can allow them to contribute to society? This could include:

• Minimum cost – say £10 per month.
• Doing great things that they can contribute to.
• Minimum meetings, unless it is organising projects.
• Enjoying great fellowship, and personal development.

Super Cyclone Amphan.

On 20 May, Super Cyclone Amphan hit some of the poorest areas of India and Bangladesh.
The storm wreaked havoc, with winds of up to 185 km/h along with heavy rain and sea surges. It destroyed houses and crops and cut power supplies to cities and towns.
An estimated 500,000 families could have lost their homes and over 3 million people across the two countries are living in collective centres. More information from https://www.shelterbox.org/where-we-work/super-cyclone-amphan/

Best wishes – Dennis

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  1. Penny Please be aware that the District 1200 Golf Team Competition scheduled for September has, unfortunately had be be cancelled. Regards Peter Davey Event Organiser Glastonbury and Street Rotary Club

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