DG Blog 11 April 2022

The Queen’s Green Canopy: ‘Plant a tree for the Jubilee’

Peter Renshaw (President, Taunton Rotary) has been speaking with Gloria Craig (Deputy Lieutenant of Somerset leading on the Green Canopy). She has asked if any individuals/clubs who are planting/have planted trees could register on the official site, so that their contribution is recognised publicly.


Ukraine Update

Clubs in our District have come together in support of Ukraine. This support has taken the form of taking in refugees, collecting medical equipment (and other items) and sending them to Ukraine and collecting funds from members of our community.

I am delighted to let you know that the District Council agreed that a further £40,000 be sent to Rotary in the area surrounding Ukraine, as well as Water Survival Box (in addition to the £30,000 sent previously):

Rotary District (Poland): £10,000

Rotary District (Republic of Moldova and Romania): £10,000

Rotary District (Hungary): £10,000

Rotary Lviv International: £5,000 (via Polish Rotary Club)

Water Survival Box: £5,000

A committee has just been set up to distribute additional funds in aid of Ukrainian Refugees arriving in our District. This has access to £10,000 from District Reserve Funds, as well as a US$ 25,000 from the Rotary Foundation, which was applied for on advice from District Grants Lead, Stan Jones (and has been approved).

We have roughly a further £30,000 in the District Ukraine Account, which we shall allocate shortly, depending on need in around the coming fortnight.

Several individual clubs have also sent money directly. Significantly more than £100,000 has been raised by our District so far. The work Rotary is doing in our District has gained media coverage. Julie O’Donnell was on BBC News, with the Ukrainian family staying with them. The project by Bridgwater Rotary with the lorry carrying medical (and other) equipment, working on a national basis with the International Rotary Fellowship of Healthcare Professionals) was on ITV News. I have received messages of thanks to our District from DGE of Poland (Piotr Jankowski), the District Governor of Hungary (Frici Nemeth), President of Rotary Lviv International (James Joeriman) and Rotaract Lviv International (Yuliya Bitner).

Many have told me how proud they are to be Rotarians. Individual Club Members and Clubs are the heart of Rotary; you are doing amazing work!

Michael Fernando, District Governor

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