A NEW year!

As 2022 draws to a close, there is a tendency to spend our time looking back – certainly, there was a lot to look back at in the year gone by. We lost our dear Queen Elizabeth II. We saw the rise of conflict in mainland Europe. We watch as Covid re-emerges in China. We saw three prime ministers. We lost many great and loved figures. There are many things, both good and bad, to look back at…

But the New Year is a time to look forward, to imagine how we can make the world a safer and better place; we need to have a ‘Why Not?’ attitude and look forward to all that we can achieve in 2023 and then do it!

In the new spirit of Rotary and the fresh ways we can release ourselves, we can be so much more to so many more people. We can talk confidently to new generations, and so new members, safe in the knowledge that we can find a Rotary model that suits them and their lifestyles. We have almost no barriers to stop us achieving what we all want – a Rotary fit for the 21st century, a Rotary that will not only survive, but thrive and grow!

The New Year is a time for looking forward, for looking forward to what we can do, not looking back at what happened.

I do not make New Year resolutions, instead I have New Year ambitions; my ambition is to end my year as your District Governor on the 30th June, with a district – and so Rotary – that is stronger, better prepared, and so able to achieve so much more!

My thoughts and best wishes go to each and every one of you and you families, and I look forward greatly to helping you make Rotary the best it’s ever been!

Ric Canham

District Governor

Rotary International District 1200

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