Rotary sponsors “magical experience” for Lewis

“It inspired me to always look on the bright side.”

After going through a tough time following the death of his Grandma, a Rotary-sponsored trip to an outdoor pursuit centre gave Lewis a fresh outlook on life.

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Rotary supporting rehabilitation for stroke survivors

Rotary in Ireland has been supporting 14 local stroke survivor groups for over a decade.

By providing boccia sets, visitors to the group can engage with the sport, which is designed for participants with limited motor skills.

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Lights, camera, action for new Rotary club

It has been the location for over 1000 feature films and TV shows, from Star Wars to Strictly Come Dancing, but now Elstree Studios is also home to a new Rotary club.

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Corporate membership for education

Connecting communities through corporate membership


From primary schools to universities, Rotary’s corporate membership programme is creating links with education institutions, building the skills of students and strengthening the community.

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Saltburn membership revolution

Rotary is all about having fun and promoting good causes locally and internationally.



Meet the Rotary group who underwent a revolution, to diversify their membership and make themselves relevant for the community they support.

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