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Environmental Sustainability

I was great to see so many Rotarians bringing their own mugs to the District Forum last Saturday.

Those that did will have noticed that they got more coffee for their £1 and had the satisfaction of knowing that they were reducing the amount of waste from the event.    We are now looking into getting some Rotary branded travel mugs produced so that you can promote Rotary as well as enjoy your coffee.

Club Environmental Sustainability Policy

It is a year since RIBI produced a Club Environmental Sustainability Policy which  contains some guidlines for us all.  Have any clubs in District 1200 adopted this?   The policy has deliberately been kept simple so that even the smallest of Clubs will not have any difficulty in achieving it.

We hear so much about environmental sustainability but what else can we actually do?

I have searched the RIBI site and have found some leaflets which might give some ideas which help to answer this question.

Environment Leaflet

Environment Card 

Other Environmental News from RIBI – November 2019

The Rodney Huggins Environmental Awards recognise Rotary Clubs which are carrying out or supporting projects which are designed to improve the environment and demonstrate sustainability. The closing date this Rotary year is 31st January 2020. Environmental project. The entry form and criteria are on the website –

More information about all RIBI Environmental initiatives can be found on the RotaryGBI website: 

ESRAG – Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group

Do take a look at the ESRAG website:  you can sign up to receive the Newsletters. They are full of interesting articles concerning the Environment and Sustainability.

Penny Underwood
District 1200 Environment Officer 

How can we as Rotarians help to protect our Environment?

This was the discussion we had at the Environmental Sustainability breakout session at the District Forum on Saturday when we started to share ideas.

As individuals we are all doing what we feel we can to address the issue of single use plastic and the need to maximise recycling and minimise land fill.  But what can we do as Rotarians.   These are some of the ideas we discussed but we need more, lots more ideas so please contribute by adding a comment on this post or contact us with ideas.


  • Appoint someone to take a lead on environmental sustainability.
  • Can we make our events more sustainable by better recycling?  Mixed re-cycling mostly goes to create aggregate so separation is better.
  • Sell reusable cups at our events.
  • Tree planting projects.


  • Inner Wheel who serve coffees for us at the District Forum are keen to work with us to eliminate the use of plastic cups at the forum.  Some of those used on Saturday were biodegradable, but they are happy to fill your own re-useable coffee cup, and yes they will fill it so you may get more coffee for your £1.  So please bring your reusable cups to the next District Forum.

RIBI Rotary Young Environmentalist 

This new competition introduced by RIBI encourages young people to explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project on the theme of “Waste Minimisation”.  Our speaker from Somerset Waste Partnership suggested that there is room for improvement in schools when it comes to waste management, so maybe this Rotary competition can help?

Click here to download an information pack and a poster.


ESRAG – Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group 

This Rotary Action Group is currently encouraging us to take part in World Environment Day on June 5. It is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations (UN) stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment.     

Visit the ESRAG web site to find our more about this and Rotary projects worldwide which are making a difference, and to download an Environment Day Handbook for Rotary Clubs. (love the Rotarians for Bees project in Australia)

If your club is involved in projects or activity to help protect our environment, or you would like to share some ideas and maybe work with other clubs, please let me know and I will share them on Circa 1200.

Penny Underwood
District 1200 – Environmental Sustainability Officer

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