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RotaKids supporting their local community

RotaKids gives children aged 7-12 the opportunities to have fun and make a difference.

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Embracing Rotary’s flexibility for working members

Meet the working members of Frome Town Rotary, who are embracing Rotary’s flexibility to give back to their community.

By embracing Rotary’s flexibility, working members of a new Rotary group in Frome are giving back to their community.

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Unpacking Social Enterprise

Rotary Social Innovation, a brand new concept of Rotary is promoting social enterprises to build sustainable communities and tackle some of society’s biggest issues.

Check out a brand new concept of Rotary that is promoting social enterprises to build sustainability in our communities.

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Introducing Rotary Social Innovation

Rotary Social Innovation 1

Supporting positive change in the community. Getting people together to make a difference. This is Rotary, but not quite as you know it. This is Rotary Social Innovation.


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#PeopleOfAction #SocEnt


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