How To Use this Site

Access Instructions for Circa 1200 News

Four Simple Steps to Register and start contributing to this site:

1.  Request access as an author

2.  You will receive an email invitation which you should accept.  If you are not already a user you will need to create a password.
3.  Go to the Circa 1200 website, and on the right hand side you will see the following to help you navigate the site.


4.  Go to the Dashboard to start creating your news item.  OR  Click on the graphic (+pencil) top right to create a new item (heading and content).  At the bottom of the page you can save this and only publish when you are happy with your item.

Notes about your Registration:

  • Once registered, you can add content to your profile, and change your password.
  • Currently all members are registered as “authors” and this will enable you to upload pictures, video, music and media files, as well as text.
  • If you lose your password – follow the instructions on the log-in page.
  • Make sure if you upload images, they are 20MB or less, otherwise they might not get shown.

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