Direct Membership

Non-political and non-religious, members of the Rotary network address humanitarian needs in their local communities and worldwide.  Working with the global Rotary network, activities range from supporting local food banks in the UK, to shipping generators  to Ukraine to help people survive the cold winter, and organising local charity events to packing and shipping water boxes to Turkey after the devastating earthquake of 2023.    

Rotary clubs are at the centre of the Rotary network, located in most towns and rural areas, they are still at the heart of our communities, understanding local needs and offering their skills and contacts to address them.

Rotary now offers Direct Membership enabling busy people and those on the move to choose their Rotary activity wherever they are and whenever they have the time.

This really is Rotary Without Borders

Rotary Direct Membership provides a more flexible Rotary experience, no commitments to regular meetings, just the opportunity to identify activities and collaborate with like minded people, enjoying the friendships and satisfaction that working together to help others can bring. 

Direct Members keep in touch through the Rotary Direct Membership Network on Microsoft Teams.    This is a space where members can meet and introduce themselves, attend meetings at the Drop In Cafe, share their ideas and interests, and identify others who have similar interests.   Through our network of district hubs direct members can also be part of their local Rotary community.

Direct Membership is an alternative to club membership providing members with volunteering opportunities and friendship in their local community and through the wider Rotary network without the commitment of club membership.  

Our Mid Wessex hub covers Rotary in Somerset, and parts of Dorset and Wiltshire, where direct members can access clubs local to them in addition to participation in the Rotary Direct Membership Network,  Direct members can choose what projects they wish to be involved with, either as a friend of local clubs, or with international groups and projects.  

Contact us to find out more about Direct Membership. 


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