What can we do to contribute to Environmental Sustatinability?

“Think of an idea, research, and put it into action”

That is what the Rotary Young Environmentalist Competition is asking young people to do.

This competition is open to young people from 7 to 17 years old and Rotary clubs in Somerset, Wiltshire and Dorset are looking for groups or individuals to take part in local and regional heats for this national competition.

Check here to see the winning projects for 2021 .

Last years theme has been repeated due to the pandemic, so the theme for 2021-22 is:

“Climate Change / Carbon Reduction”

This competition encourages young people to interact with the environment address serious issues and explore solutions to the problems.  Participants are encouraged  to explore, investigate, research and undertake an environmental sustainability project on the theme of ‘Climate Change/Carbon Reduction’.

If you are a school, or organiser for any youth group, which is interested in taking part in this competition, then please contact penny@rotarywithoutborders.org.uk to and we will help you to find a participating Rotary club near you.

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